Breast Augmentation in Karachi | Breast Lift & Implants

Breast augmentation is cosmetic treatment performed by a experienced plastic surgeon to enhanced the breast size and breast shape by using breast implant in the breast muscles. In breast augmentation mostly silicone breast implants are used. Breast implants treatment is done to enlarge the breast size. Such kind of treatment is best for saggy and small breast. Breast implant treatment does not or having zero percent effect on breastfeeding and having great benefit to boost the sex charm

Breast Reduction Surgery in Karachi

Breast reduction surgery is suitable for those women who have heavy, big and breast. Which can cause to troublesome and create embarrassing for those ladies in public life? To reduce the breast size and reshape the breast with breast reduction surgery to get appropriate breast size which gives relieve physically mentally, psychologically and socially in one’s life.

Breast Lift surgery

Mastopexy is also called breast lift surgery. Breast lift surgery is done for tightening the breast and uplit the breast position. By removing breast excess skin plastic surgeon reshape and rejuvenates the breast. By this breast lift surgery breast size does not change

Breast Implants

Hymenoplasty cost in pakistan may approximately in range of Rs:75,000 to 85,000. Cost of vaigna tightening ang vagina reconstruction surgery cost is different from the cost of hymenoplasty. This treatment include the charges, Hospital stay, Your medicine blood test, local or general anesthsia, theater charges and pre and post check up.

Why Dr Amin for Breast surgery in karachi?

Dr Amin has more than ten years of practice experienced for breast augmentation, for breast surgery and in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. He is among one of the top best surgeon in Pakistan. He is now running a cosmetic surgery clinic in Karachi. He is competent in his skills. Dr Amin plastic surgeon has high degree of expertise in Breast implants, Breast augmentaion, Breast reduction, breast reconstruction and breast tightening surgery and entire team is well trained and dedicated.