Breast Augmentation in Lahore

"Breast augmentation, also called as augmentation mammoplasty" Breast Augmentation is a surgical Cosmetic procedure to which is done enhance the breast shape and breast size. At Our clinic in Lahore, Pakistan Plastic surgeon used a breast implant or fat graft to alter the breast shape and breast size according to the women desire and wish.During breast augmentation treatment plastic surgeons insert an saline or silicone implants behind the both breast, Which increase a woman’s bustline. The commonly used breast implants are

  • • Saline Breast Implant in Lahore Pakistan
  • • Silicone Implant in Lahore Pakistan

Breast Reduction surgery

Mammaplasty is also known as breast reduction surgery. Plastic surgeon usually performed this procedure for those who need physical relief . Breast reduction surgery in Lahore is suitable for those women who feel painful strain on their shoulder, back and neck, which is caused by heavy breasts. Plastic surgeon removes excess breast tissue to reduced size and then lifts up and reshapes the breasts.

Breast Lift Surgery

Sagging breasts or asymmetrical breasts can be reshape by breast lift surgery. Due to over dieting and weight loss female breast become Sagging.

Best candidate for Breast Surgery?

Breast uplift surgery is suitable for those women who have completed their families. And they don’t have any future plan for any children. I would like to say that if you for future pregnancy there is no risk and this breast uplift surgery does not interfere. If you have any further query regarding breast lift surgery, breast augmentation, breast implant or breast reduction surgery book your appointment with our plastic surgeon or get free online consultation

Breast Augmentation Estimated Cost

Breast Augmentation in Lahore may approximately in range of Rs:125,000 to 250,000. This pricee include surgeon fee, anesthsia cost, hospital charges and pre and post-operation check up. Price variation depends on experineced and skill of the plastic surgoen, Loation of the Clinic or hospital and Type of Anesthesia. Price of Breast Augmentation in Lahore also depends on the type of implants.