Ear Surgery in Karachi

Otoplasty is a Plastic and cosmetic treatment which correct the defected and correct ear structure and ear deformation. Ear reshaping surgery in karachi is done to improve the ear shape, Ear position or proportion of the ea. Ear correction or Otoplasty  is a surgical procedure to enhance the appearance and shape, position, and size of your prominent the ears. Ear reshaping surgery is primarily done for one or both prominent ears to optimize symmetry of the ears.  This Ear correction surgery fixes permanently such ear issue. This treatment enhances beauty of your face. Ear-correction surgery also corrects defects and reshapes the ear structure which is present during or after birth.  Dr Amin got ear training from one of the world best ear surgeon sir nagata from Japan. And now he has done more than one hundred ear surgeries in his career. If you want to get ear surgery in Karachi from dr Amin plz book your appointment now by calling at 03214945209. Or visit our clinic for ear reshaping surgery in karachi

Types of ear surgery:

Ear reshaping surgery has following type which it can be performed

  • Microsurgery for ear
  • Laser surgery for the ear :
  • Fitting a Cochlear implant
  • Eardrum reconstruction

Benefits of otoplasty

  • Self-confidence increased
  • Ear shape become more beautiful
  • Improve personality

Ear Syrgery Cost in Karachi

Ear Reshaping surgery cost in Karachi may approximately in range of Rs:60,000 to 80,000. This ear reshaping surgery cost include Plastic surgeon charges, Hospital stay, Your medicine blood test, local or general anesthsia, theater charges and pre and post check up after procedure. Ear surgery cost variation also depends experineced of plastic surgeon,

Why Dr Amin for ear Surgery?

Dr Amin has over the ten years of practice experienced. He is one among the best plastic surgeon who performed all kind of cosmetic treatment in Karachi with excellent results and his highly competent in his skills. Dr Amin plastic surgeon has high degree of expertise, strong skills and technique, and entire team is well trained and dedicated