Hymenoplasty in Karachi

To restore your rapture hymen with surgical intervention is now no longer a dream in this era! In a reserved environment and society like that in Pakistan and all over the Asia where virginity for a women at the time of marriage is still considered sacred and given much importance. Hymen layer rapture due to cycling, sport activates and due to inter course also. For such patient who to get bach their natural hymen we offer a surgical restoration treatment of your rapture hymen. This treatment can only allay patient anxiety. If you are looking for hymenoplasty in karachi book your appointment now

Hymenoplasty procedure

The hymen repair surgery at our clinic is mostly performed under local anesthesia and Total time required for this treatment is about 60 Minutes. No need to stay at the clinic after the treatment. You can go home soon after the surgery.

Vaginal Tightening: Reconstructive, Vaginoplasty or Cosmetic Purposes?

Vaginal tightening surgery is more suitable for those women who lose their vaginal muscle elasticity due to early birth. There are also different of reasons mostly women undergo vaginal tightening surgeries. Important thing is to know whether the main purposes are reconstructive surgery or cosmetic in treatmen.

Hymenoplasty- Vaginoplasty- Vagina tightening surgery Cost in Karachi

Hymenoplasty cost in pakistan may approximately in range of Rs:75,000 to 85,000. Cost of vaigna tightening ang vagina reconstruction surgery cost is different from the cost of hymenoplasty. This treatment include the charges, Hospital stay, Your medicine blood test, local or general anesthsia, theater charges and pre and post check up.

Why Dr Amin for Hymenoplasty in karachi?

Dr Amin has more than ten years of practice experienced in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. He is among one of the top best surgeon in Pakistan. He is now running a cosmetic surgery clinic in Karachi. He is competent in his skills. Dr Amin plastic surgeon has high degree of expertise in hymenoplasty, hymen repair and vagina tightening surgery and entire team is well trained and dedicated.