Hymenoplasty in Lahore

Hymen repair surgery also known as hymenoplastyor hymen restoration or revirginization. The Cosmetic procedure to restore appearance of an intact hymen by repairing the hymen tissue is called hymenoplasty. In Most countries hymen is consider proof of virginity, at most important fact in marriage. The hymen gets torn due to horse riding, cycling, and intercourse. To repair torn hymen surgically is a very simple, 100% safe cosmetic procedure is performed by female plastic surgeon at our clinic on the individual’s needs. If you are looking for hymenoplasty in lahore book your appointment now

What are the Specific Reasons going for hymen repair surgery?

To regain the Virginity: In Most cases Hymenoplasty is done by those patients who want t get natural hymen. Their hymen rupture due to The sexual intercourse and they receive the hymenoplasty (hymen repair surgery) in order to show virgin bleeding at the time of intercourse.

Girl without Hymen: It is very complex cosmetic surgical treatment which is done for those women who are born without any prominent hymen. This kind of treatment can performed only that plastic surgeon who has extreme aesthetics sense.

Vaginal Tightening surgery or vaginal rejuvenation

Due to early or post delivery vagina muscle lose their strength and become relaxed. Vaginal Relaxation is a term in which virginal muscles completely loss their control and strength. Perineum muscle becomes week and loss the support which increase sexual gratification. Vagina tightening surgery is best solution to get rejuvenate the vagina. This cosmetic surgery tightens the inner vagina muscles and repairs the vaginal wall. Mostly this treatment is done with labiaplasty. by this cosmetic procedure you can get most affectionate sexual experience

hymenopalsty cost in lahore

Hymen repair surgery cost in lahore may approximately in range of Rs:75,000 to 250,000. This Hymenoplasty cost include Plastic surgeon charges, Hospital stay, Your medicine blood test, local or general anesthsia, theater charges and pre and post check up after treatment.