Liposuction in Lahore

"Liposuction is also know fat removal treatment " Tumescent liposuction (fluid injection procedure) is very common treatment now a day’s used to remove extra deposit fat in the body this whole process is called liposuction. Liposuction in Lahore is done by plastic and cosmetic surgeon to remove unwanted extra deposit fat which is difficult to remove by exercise and dieting. Liposuction surgery or laser-3D Liposuction is best for such areas. At our clinic Liposuction surgery is done in different areas of the body like hips, belly, chin neck, arms, tummy, loins, and thighs and around the knees and ankles.

Liposuction Procedure?

In basic liposuction treatment plastic surgeon make a small incision. Plastic surgeon inserts a cannula that is small, and having tube-like shape through these tiny incisions. This cannula is attached to suction machine. The cannula creates vacuums beneath the skin and sucks the fat in that area. Mostly Liposuction is done under local Anesthesia. But in some case General anesthesia can be used

Advantages of Liposuction

  • • Total one day is required for this procedure; patient does not need to stay in the clinic more than 8-10 hours.
  • • You can get desire cosmetic results with liposuction in selected cases where you want to get realistic expectations
  • • Results are long lasting
  • • Cost is affordable
  • • 100% safe procedure

*Disclaimer- Results of liposuction surgery may vary from person to person.

Liposuction Estimated Cost in Lahore

Liposuction cost in Lahore may approximately in range of Rs:85,000 to 150,000. This pricee include surgeon fee, anesthsia cost, hospital charges and pre and post-operation check up. Price variation depends on experineced and skill of the plastic surgoen, Loation of the Clinic or hospital and Type of Anesthesia. Price of Liposuction also depends on how many areas are going to treat.